Streaming server

We offer streaming capacity on own servers, that are situated in Brno/Czech or server-to-cloud streaming services. You can rent time based or capacity based streaming service. Streaming services starting at such low price as 39,- EUR.

Streaming services

We offer advanced access controls such as password protection and geo-blocking.  We guarantee 99.9% uptime with support 365 days a year.

  • private streaming services / own CDN
  • secure streaming services – HTTPS, RTMPS
  • Facebook and Youtube streaming, and re-streaming
  • unlimited cloud streaming with Akamai CDN


Camera and live production team

We offer full scale production with multicamera enviroment. Our team is experienced in streaming of conferences, sports, cultural events, concerts.

Our services best fit in Live Events, Corporate Communications, Marketing Media, Entertainment


Custom view page

You can embed HTML5 or FLASH player to your site. We offer hosted streaming pages for your events, as well as special streaming landing pages.

To check our references and works please visit our portfolio page.

For more information please call +421 903 92 43 84,  contact us :

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